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S.S. Jain Subodh Girls P.G. College Sanganer is a part of the network of Educational Institutions operated by Subodh Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur. Since the last 101 years of success and 19 institutions, it is soaring high. The foundation was laid in 2004 with a motto “If you can dream it, You can do it. “

The college started its journey with 126 students which have now expanded to approximately 3000 girls. The college is recognized for providing excellent graduate and post-graduate education in the field of Science, Commerce, and Arts and professional courses for Computer Applications and Business Administration.

It provides Postgraduate courses in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics, Political Science, History, Geography, and EAFM. Our students have also grabbed the position in the University merit list and won gold medals for many consecutive years. We also have the Science Club, Eco Club, Commerce Club, and Arts Club for providing better quality and planning of the respective subjects.

The main objective of the college is to empower and enrich women with knowledge by providing an apt environment for a strong academic and ethical base. It also enriches the students with ethical and moral values.
Special emphasis is laid on student-centered, creative, analytical, and participatory learning. Regular interactions are held with academicians and alumni who are placed in various government as well as private organizations. Apart from this, the college also organizes curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities Cells like Internal Quality Assurance Cell, career guidance, and placement cell, student counseling cell, anti-ragging cell, grievance redressal cell, anti-sexual harassment cell, community welfare cell, which along with timely counseling help students solve their problems. A team of expert cherished faculties with full devotion and dedication, work for the betterment of the students.

Over the years it has set the benchmarks for global education with a system that matches the best practices, theories, resources, and standards all over the world by providing quality higher education and by thus contributing to the development of the nation. 

words of wisdom

N. R. Kothari

S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”


Welcome to SUBODH, one of the most prominent institutions and a great platform for teaching, learning, research and innovation in women education around the region.


As the President of this Institution, I have the privilege of leading this vibrant college, a place where curiosity, compassion and intellect combine to prepare our students to meet the
future challenges.


Our endeavour has always been to provide the best to the students and to prepare them to take up the challenges of tomorrow so that when they come out of the institutions, they are competent
to handle the responsibilities well .


Strong academic system, facilitated by qualified faculty, supported by ICT and state-of-the-art infrastructure, make the education process an enjoyable journey for students.


A rousing welcome to your decision to join the Subodh fraternity!

Sumer Singh Bothra

Honorary Secretary
S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems; it's just one, and it's education.”
-Malala Yousafzai


Dear Students,
Education plays an important role especially in the protection of women's rights. Subodh aims to promote and fight for women education to the best of its capabilities. There are examples of how women education not only helped in preventing discrimination based on gender, but also increasing productivity in their work. Her skills, information, talent and self-confidence make her a better mother, employee, and resident of the country. Being two aspects of a coin, they need equal opportunities to contribute to the development of the country.


Over these past few months, there has been so much uncertainty. We all are dealing with serious loss in families and abrupt changes in our daily lives, especially when it comes to education. But we all have shown incredible resilience in difficult circumstances in the past before and we will not show any weakness this time too.


Holding hands with your belief, we are excited to work with each one of you and you can start by joining us in spreading the word about global girl's education.


We heartily welcome you all in this new  academic year. Hope you all prosper and shine
with knowledge and wisdom.

Vinod Lodha

Joint Secretary
S .S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth”
- Chanakya


Every beginner possesses supreme expertise to be an expert in their chosen field. A good educational institute is conducive for student's holistic development and for helping them accomplish their ambitions.


Subodh enjoys a stellar academic reputation and nurtures its students with extreme care and sensitivity. We enrich them with our traditional as well as modern values which makes them bloom brightly in the garden of life.


Our talented and well accomplished faculty has played a significant role in making Subodh, an institute par excellence. Our mission lies in maximising the students' potential and inspiring them to work towards fulfilling their dreams. My heartiest greetings to you all for the upcoming academic session 2021-2022.

Dr. Rakesh Hirawat

College Convener
S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you are or what you can be”
- Brian Tracy

Modern education is not about a single chalked out path for the students. It is allowing the students to chart their own courses and we, as teachers and parents, help them do this by challenging them beyond their comfort zone and thinking critically. Subodh has established itself as one of the premiere institutions that has been continuously growing in strength, size and levels of excellence. It is the institution where education is not merely confined to books and theoretical knowledge but imparting practical education is highly focused upon.  Promoting women's education has always been the prime motto of the college. And thus ,we aim to provide courses that not only help in attaining degrees but also build their careers. I strongly believe that at the end of your course you will develop new ways to think, solve problems, innovate and collaborate.

Academics is the soul of the college and our students have always achieved commendable grades reflecting on the conducive student centered teaching learning environment that the college has set in place. With the help of the adoption of excellent online teaching platforms, we ensure that superior education will be imparted in the coming future, despite this tough time of pandemic.

Let the evolution of learning and growth never cease, let's keep learning, let's keep going.

I welcome all the new aspirants to the college and wish you a healthy and safe year ahead.

Dr. Rita Jain


“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardor and attended with diligence, Learning is a lifelong process.”
- Abigail Adams


It is my proud privilege to welcome the young aspirants in the gallery of Subodh College with abundant pictures of successful stories, achievements, metamorphosis and gaining the pinnacles. We believe in the complete transformation of our students and make them a good citizen with intellectual, moral, emotional and inclusive growth.


I am deeply delighted to erect the record of fact that our college offers enormous opportunities in the higher education, overall development and holistic growth of our  students. We are committed to attain the entire development of each student, as each one is unique in nature. Our accomplished faculty members are always determined to obtain the targets of our students.


The session 2020-21 was a critical time in the history of education. The Covid-19 situation has forced us to think about sensible use of 'New Normal' in technology. In these crucial situations of pandemic, we strive to provide better and extensive education to our students. In order to achieve the  bjectives of high quality education with academic excellence, we incessantly organize various online Educational activities, Quizzes, Webinars, Conferences, Workshops and many more.


I wish you all the very best for your bright future and good luck for a great beginning.

  • From Principal's Desk
Dr. Rita Jain

With appreciation and applause, I welcome the young aspirants to one of the most prestigious institutions of Higher Education for Girls. 


With a proud legacy of more than 16 years, the college has excelled in every field, be it the flourishing streams of Arts, Commerce and Science or any other Professional courses. Sincere attempts are made constantly towards empowering young women through short-term workshops and training.


I feel privileged to lead such a vibrant college that offers enormous opportunities in higher education, skill development and personality grooming to approximately 3000 girls .


Life @ Subodh






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“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ”

Nelson Mandela

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णमोकार महामंत्र

णमो अरिहंताणं
मैं अरिहंतों को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो सिद्धाणं
मैं सिद्धों को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो आयरियाणं
मैं आचार्यो को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो उवज्झायाणं
मैं उपाध्याओ को नमन करता हूँ ।

णमो लोए सव्व साहूणं
मैं लोक (जगत्) के सर्व साधुओ को नमन करता हूँ ।

एसो पंच णमोक्कारो, सव्वपावप्पणासणो ।
ये पाँच नमन के उच्चार, सभी पापो का पूरा नाश करते हैं ।

मंगलाणं च सव्वेसिं, पढ़मं हवई मंगलं ।।
यह (मंत्र) संसार के सभी मंगलों में, यह प्रथम मंगल हैं ।

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