1. IIT Bombay Certification Course: E–Spoken Tutorial Training

For commendable working in IT era, the college has been chosen by IIT Bombay by the recommendation of University of Rajasthan. The college provides online certification courses in various subjects. The certificates are provided by IIT Bombay after the successful completion of the course. More than 300 students are enrolled in different courses and are progressing towards successful completion of their respective courses.


The Spoken Tutorial is about learning a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) from which students can learn different courses like Linux, PHP, RDBMS, C, C++, Introduction to Computers, Cell Designer, Biogas Plant, QCAD, Avogadro, Front Accounting, Skill Development and many more.


Course Objective: - Spoken tutorial's main objective is to promote IT literacy for education and improve the employment potential of learners.
Website Link: - https://spoken-tutorial.org/
Eligibility: - Any regular student of the college.
Duration: - Student can learn and do certification of more than one course in a year.
Medium:- Hindi /English/Any Indian Language.
Fee:-Very nominal, Rs. 300/- per student, per year.
Concerned Department :-Computer Science
Program Co-ordinator : - Dr. Rekha Naug


2. Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology (RSCIT)
The college is an authorized centre of RSCIT, which is recognized by Department of Information Technology and Communication, (DOIT&C), Government of Rajasthan to propagate IT Literacy among the girls of Rajasthan. It is a basic computer course that offers a novel curriculum and study material in office automation system with the help of Microsoft Office skills. This certification plays a vital role in government jobs as well as in private sector. Two subsequent batches have been completed so far.


Program Co-ordinator: - Smt. Pooja Jain

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