(Specialization in Organic Chemistry)
The Department of Chemistry is well established with both undergraduate and postgraduate courses running successfully. The department has five well equipped laboratories with a rich store. In addition to the basic apparatus, the department is enriched with advanced equipments like digital spectrophotometers, polar meters, digital pH-meters, digital conductivity meters, colorimeters, fuming chamber, thermostat, oven, digital balance, double distillation unit, chromatography column etc. The department ensures academic excellence and overall development of students by organizing seminars, power point presentations, exhibitions, industrial visits and guest lectures by eminent professors from time to time.

Eligibility:  Minimum 55% marks in B.Sc. or minimum 55% marks in Chemistry/Botany/Zoology/Mathematics
Other than Rajasthan State: Minimum 60% in B.Sc.
Duration: Two years- Annual scheme

M.SC. (Previous)
Subjects offered 
• Paper I  Inorganic Chemistry
• Paper II Organic Chemistry
• Paper III Physical Chemistry
• Paper IV Spectroscopy and Diffraction Methods
• Paper V Green and Sustainable Chemistry
• Paper VI Analytical Techniques
• Paper VII Practical
• Aanandam

The Department has well maintained laboratories equipped with instruments like Laminar air flow, Incubator, Oven, Autoclave, PH–Meter, Centrifuge, spectrophotometer, Microscope, Binocular microscope, UV transluminator etc. The Department has also developed a Botanical garden in the college campus and conducts various activities including botanical excursion, field trips, and term tests for the students.

M.SC. (Previous)
Subjects offered
• Paper I Cell and Molecular Biology of Plants
• Paper II Cytology, Genetics and Cytogenetic
• Paper III Biology and Diversity of lower plant cryptogams
• Paper IV Taxonomy and Diversity of Seed Plant
• Paper V Plant Physiology and Metabolism
• Paper VI Microbiology and Plant Pathology
• Practical I Paper I, II, III
• Practical II Paper IV, V, VI
• Aanandam

Zoology is the branch of biology that is concerned with the animals and animal life, including the study of structure, physiology, development and classification of animals. The department has four well equipped laboratories, animal store room and a book bank. In addition to this, the department has dissecting, compound, binocular microscopes, incubator, centrifuge, pH-meter etc. Various activities like project work, excursions and internal assessments are carried out regularly throughout the year.

M.SC. (Previous)
Subjects offered
• Paper I    Biosystematics and Taxonomy
• Paper II   Structure and function of Invertebrates
• Paper III  Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
• Paper IV  General Physiology
• Paper V    Bio-Chemistry
• Paper VI  Biostatistics and Population Genetics
• Practical
• Aanandam
Masters of Science (M.Sc.) Mathematics
Mathematics is a branch of Science which deals with numbers and their operation. The Department of Mathematic ensures to make balance between pure and applied mathematics. A rich collection of reference books is available in the department and also it has well equipped Laboratory.

M.SC. (Previous)
Subjects offered
• Paper I    Advanced Abstract Algebra
• Paper II   Real Analysis and Topology
• Paper III  Differential Equations and Special Functions
• Paper IV  Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis
• Paper V   Mechanics
• Aanandam


The post graduate program in commerce is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business and finance. 

Eligibility: Minimum 48% marks in B.Com or minimum 55% marks in E.A.FM/A.B.S.T
Other than Rajasthan State: Minimum 60% marks in B.Com.

M.COM E.A.F.M. (Previous)
Subjects offered:
• Economic Analysis    • Financial Management
• Business Budgeting and Control
• Public Finance        • Aanandam


Minimum 48% marks in B.A or minimum 55% marks in Political Science / History / Geography
Other than Rajasthan State: Minimum 60% in B.A.
Duration: Two years-Annual Scheme

M.A (Previous)
Subject Offered:

• Paper I: Western Political Thought
• Paper II: Indian Political Thought
• Paper III: International Politics
• Paper IV: Theory and Practice of Public Administration.
• Aanandam

M.A (Previous)
Subjects Offered:

• Paper I: Theories, Methods, and Vision of History
• Paper III: Twentieth Century World (1900-2000 A.D.)
• Paper II: Main Currents of Modern World History up to 1900 A.D.
• Paper IV: (Group-C) ((III) Modern Indian History (1756-1905 A.D.)
• Aanandam

M.A( Previous)
Subjects offered
• Paper I: Evolution of Geographical Thought
• Paper II: Physical Basis of Geography
• Paper III: Principle of Economic Geography
• Paper IV: Man and Environment Geography
• Practical
• Aanandam






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