Dr. Rakesh Hirawat

College Convener
S. S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti

“Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you are or what you can be”
- Brian Tracy

Modern education is not about a single chalked out path for the students. It is allowing the students to chart their own courses and we, as teachers and parents, help them do this by challenging them beyond their comfort zone and thinking critically. Subodh has established itself as one of the premiere institutions that has been continuously growing in strength, size and levels of excellence. It is the institution where education is not merely confined to books and theoretical knowledge but imparting practical education is highly focused upon.  Promoting women's education has always been the prime motto of the college. And thus ,we aim to provide courses that not only help in attaining degrees but also build their careers. I strongly believe that at the end of your course you will develop new ways to think, solve problems, innovate and collaborate.

Academics is the soul of the college and our students have always achieved commendable grades reflecting on the conducive student centered teaching learning environment that the college has set in place. With the help of the adoption of excellent online teaching platforms, we ensure that superior education will be imparted in the coming future, despite this tough time of pandemic.

Let the evolution of learning and growth never cease, let's keep learning, let's keep going.

I welcome all the new aspirants to the college and wish you a healthy and safe year ahead.

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