Greek Philosopher Aristotle defined political science as “It is the course that deals with the study of the state.”

It is a branch of social science which teaches a student about the state, global politics and government. It deals with the working of the state, government, various agencies. 

Unlike, other courses like medical or engineering, a student from any academic background can learn the depths and insights of this subject.

After graduating one can look for jobs in both government (public) and private sector. In the public sector one can look for jobs in the fields of:

Civil Services (Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services), Journalism, Secretary to various government departments and agencies, Political content developer, NGO, Bank Manager/Clerk, Political Scientist, Election and Campaign Manager, Teacher, Policy Analyst, Public Relations Specialist, Legislative Assistant, Social Media Manager Political Consultant, Intelligence Analyst, Communications Director, Marketing Research Analyst, Attorney, Public Opinion Analyst,

Legal Adviser to Political Parties, Survey Analyst, Human Rights Activists, Corporate Manage and Foreign Service Officer.


Sr. No. Photo Name of Employee Education Qualification Resume
1 Dr. Manju Acharya M.A., Ph.D., B.Ed. click here to view
2 Dr. Lalita Daderwal M.A., M.Phil, SLET, Ph.D. click here to view
3 Dr. Seema Daftry M.A., NET.,Ph.D. click here to view


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