Mathematics forms nucleus for all the physical and biological sciences The Department of Mathematic ensures to make balance between pure and applied mathematics. It has well qualified staff, rich departmental library and well equipped Laboratory.   Mathematics has multifarious career options: Data Scientist, Machine Learning Expert, Business Analyst, Blockchain Developer, Banker, Actuary, Economist, Statistician, Psychometrician and Mathematician.


Sr. No. Photo Name of Employee Education Qualification
1 Smt. Ruchi Jain M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D. (Pur.)
2 Dr. Arpita Jain M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.
3 Dr. Pramila Vijayvergiya M.Sc., M.Tech.,M.Phil, Ph.D.
4 Dr. Preeti Gupta M.Sc. Ph.D., B.Ed.


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